Design your home in a luxurious way- Top things to try!


What makes a luxury design… luxurious? When luxurious interior designs are concerned, there is no steadfast rule to design a luxurious surrounding. If you have always believed that the fragrance of luxury is restrained by the most expensive sofa or by the rarest art pieces, then you might have been wronged. We at MaginInches have been trained to create luxurious surroundings which look the most simplest, yet extremely classy and fashionable. We are the best interior designer in Pune.

Add that little personal touch- Be Your Own Model

Luxurious Interior design

As diverse as the particular aspects of the luxurious Interior design maybe, one statement holds true every time: Luxury design is an articulation of yourself as much as its for styling and fashion. Our Luxury interior designers encourage our clients to bring a few of their own personalities to the course in their designs and we will fuse those items in a luxurious way.

Little Details Count- And We Make Sure You Never Miss Them

Luxurious Interior design

Regardless of what trend comes and goes, we’re always going to feel drawn toward those spaces that will make us feel pampered. Minute details count, especially in places like your kitchen. Our team makes detailed designs and also includes pieces with unique accents, such as a unique carved design on a chair back or on that oh-so-beautiful almirah! 

Lighting- Simple Yet Beautiful

Luxurious Interior design

Light is a factor that will metaphorically extend the dimension out of the room. It can be a simple, yet powerful tool that can completely transform a room. Our Interior designing experts always room for natural light, so that you can be assured of having the most elegant and fashionable interior design.

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